21 Mar

Filling up forms for the last half of the year, I was pushed to start thinking (with a great fatigue) over the gender labeling. If many progressive people find reasonable to place themselves and others on the spectrum, it would not be troublesome to choose the one that aligns with my way of seeing things.

Overall, I always felt being just a human. Any woman -- man stereotypes seemed to be weird and excessive. Using a cliché – in civilized countries kids, still the most discriminated group of society, experience the outright attempts of seniors to impose on them some stuff for the sake of social adaption. To inherit and interiorize the cherished norms.

Norms makes easier to set the social order and to create the sense of shared values. Along with it, commitment to traditional values and ideas may be justified. That’s ‘the second nature’ for majority because of the way human psyche works. As it goes, institutions allow people to nurture and solidify gender atavisms.

Well, that’s not an introduction to the argument for annihilation. But a premise for minimization of biases and stereotypes. Let be free and independent in our thinking. Let be of impact rather than coerce. Some of models are better not to follow. Some 'useful' concepts (or, rather, 'used to') should not dominate our thinking of the world, and determine our attitude to others.

My personal choice is to keep away from any chance to get into mental corruption and to become enslaved by unhealthy ideas. In my vision – shape is the shell, and the inside is whole. Still, being of this position I cannot avoid falling into category. Perhaps, as a gender apathetic individual / agender. Since it does not set any limitations on me, that would be an excusable label.

At the very end, "Labels are for Cans, not for People" (A.W.), right?

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