20 Jun

If to go back to numbers, the fact is that I have just turned 23 years old. Half on my conscious life, that dates back to the age of 3, was spent with art. While for the last many years I was exclusively into the scholarly stuff. 

At this stage I am entering the path of synthesis. The urge comes from the sense of belonging and the longing to converge.  I want to exercise my imagination at full to create. Learning with the great teachers and collaborators, pushing boundaries of what is possible through this partnerships. 

In May I was thinking over the question of Steve Vai – "What is your main function?" Then I did not know. And I still do not. But the vision got clearer, at least in terms of aspirations of my PhD research. 

Throughout my baccalaureate I had divergent research activities. An assumption that a student of this level is excusable “to be searching themselves” while at the higher levels of academic ladder one should focus on a single pursuit seems to be somewhat confusing. Let’s say a bit obsolete. As most of us, academic species, share the intuition that "...the best of knowledge is post-disciplinary, it's promiscuous. The best research answer the singular question: what problem are you trying to solve?" (Tara Brabazon)

Seeing no final point of an intellectual research, I see the need to provide the world (humans and beyond) with some solutions, with more options, with new sources of joy and inspiration. With this in mind, I consider myself as a flexible historian.    

The idea of creative machines, the notion of musical pieces generated by algorithms to many, not excluding myself, seems somewhat frustrating. Although, from my perspective, what provokes a serious concern should not be the reason to step aside. Otherwise, I find the most purposeful, in both self-oriented and altruistic way, to take on what is challenging, what is vibrant. To get on the verge. That is the vision of  my years in the Graduate School.

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