18 Jun

(i) By the end of this spring, I have found out what works for me in terms of schedule.

  • Till 14-15 p.m. I perform best at exercising my intelligence for research and academics. In a lack of mental staggering (that may be treated by the doses of oxygen) I prefer to be static during this time.
  • Since 15 p.m. on I enjoy walking (a lot) and performing creatively.
  • Before 9/10 a.m. and p.m. correspondingly I drink coffee and let this body and mind to rest as both seem to be out of energy.

When anything intervenes this way of functioning it feels like I am not doing my best for the day, and living this life improperly.

(ii) To make every single day either the best one (by exercising my creativity) or the most efficient one (by learning at my best), or the most meaningful one (by improving things around), or the most resilient one (by 'recharging' myself), I put this self- addressed instruction:

- when mind is not in shape then learn from others experience (books),

- when it is in 'analytical mode' then produce a piece of new knowledge (writing),

- when it is 'on high' and capable for creative synthesis then follow this passion and bring an idea to the world (art).

Then calm your enthusiasm for a while and rest. Walk many kilometres and just observe the world. Look for suggestions it provides to anyone who is present, and aware.

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