Research paper "Scientific Atheism and its Deputies between the 19th -21st Centuries: Religion’s Substitutes, Irreligious Rights Movement and Anti-creationism Non-Fiction"

Abstract: This article questions the reemergence of scientific antireligious activist movements in recent decades. Considering intellectual and political aspects of scientific materialism, Monist and New Atheism movements’ programs as well as the historical context of their development, a number of structural similarities is being drawn. Notably, the Darwinian theory of evolution in monistic dysteleological interpretation represents the main rhetoric weapon of atheistic science popularizers against opponents. Also, science is employed as a tool of ‘freethought’ communities’ formation and campaigning for irreligious rights, and against creationism’s intellectual expansion. However, if earlier atheistic science popularizers were quite explicit on their world change ambition, contemporaries show no interest in authoring some new science-inspired worldview systems or political projects.

Essay on "Enclosure" (2014)

Writing this essay was a 'heart-opening' experience. It might be justly considered as overall too dilettante in comparison to the other texts. And negligent in relation to the use of the scientific reference apparatus and links. To make it clear, I leave it here out of my own internal necessity; as the reminder, as the call for action or thinking

BA Thesis on History of Climate Research in the US and the USSR

Here is a presentation that provides an outline of the research I worked on in 2020-2021. With it I finished my bachelor stage and graduated from the HSE University in Moscow. The complete text of the thesis named "The Discovery of Anthropogenic Global Warming by Mikhail I. Budyko and Wallace Smith Broecker in the 1970s: A Comparative Analysis" is available on [for the real geeks only].